Retrofitting & Upgrading Legacy Machinery

RAM Automation is a leading specialist in upgrading services for industrial equipment. Our well-trained engineering staff has modernized existing equipment in industries all across the board. Retrofitting can increase your company's productivity tenfold, and costs a mere fraction of a new system implementation.

If you’re interested in upgrading your legacy machinery, RAM Automation’s staff of dedicated professionals will come in and:

• Perform a complete retrofit
• Replace all relays
• Enhance your machine’s capabilities
• Revise and replace control panel parts
• Increase machinery reliability
• Customize any features your business needs

Modernizing an existing machine increases production control, improves safety features, and increases automation and productivity. Adding custom features to your existing equipment can improve your business without the cost of a new machine.

Features You Can Add

Programmable Process Monitoring Modern state-of-the-art electrical panels with capability to program alarms, counters and more with added sensors.
Process Automation Programmable features such as automatic parts counter, batch counter, material counter, alarm monitor, and cycle timers for break operation.
Additional Safety Operator safety features include light curtain, E-stop switch, two hand control, fail-safe control, among others.
Network Connectivity Ethernet capability allows multiple machines to be connected to one monitor/one network and easily controlled by touch screen HMI.

Our dedicated team of professionals provide services anywhere from fixing current equipment (eg- software, hardware, zone control, PID tuning) to maintaining and calibrating machines for proper operation.